The Future of Food with Mark Bittman at the University of Hawaii

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I had the pleasure of attending a Mark Bittman Future of Food talk Thursday evening. The renowned food writer and thinker spoke at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu. It’s pretty exciting to get big name folks here to the islands since it’s far from everything, and few speakres would appeal to me more than Bittman (except Vandana Shiva, she’s pretty rad too!).

Who is Mark Bittman?

Bittman, a former New York Times columnist, cookbook author and general thinker of all things food and food policy, came to speak about the future of food, and laid out his thoughts about the biggest challenges our food system is facing. I was excited to hear Bittman’s thoughts, because I think he’s pretty smart, yet he presents his work in a down-to-earth way that appeals to folks on the more moderate side of food politics. While he’s perhaps more famous for bringing to light the connection between animal agriculture and climate change, he is not himself a vegetarian. However, he’s a huge proponent of plant-based eating, and created VB6– vegan before 6pm. He describes himself as a ‘lessmeatarian,’ and encourages others that are not quite ready to become vegan to choose a more plant-focused diet for most of the day. Bittman made a splash recently by leaving his position at the Times to pursue other interests, namely heading up The Purple Carrot, a vegan meal service. He also is a Fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists and a prolific cookbook writer, many of which are very veggie friendly.


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