In November of 2010, roughly 70 people assembled in a room with the goal of making positive changes in Hawaiʻi’s food system. The conversation that was sparked that day ultimately led to the beginnings of Hawai‘i’s first Food Policy Council.

In its early years, the HFPC organized topical forums, a teach-in, cooking classes, movie nights, farm dinners, a half-day workshop at the Hawai‘i Ag Conference and a Love Your Food System Soirée.

In 2012, we co-sponsored our first bill, HB 2703, the “Food Self-Sufficiency Bill” at the State Legislature, and began providing information to our growing network about a number of other food and agriculture-related bills in the 2012 and 2013 legislative sessions.

In 2014, our Food Policy Watchdog program was born. What started out as a weekly newsletter tracking state food legislation has slowly grown into an information clearinghouse for food system research, bright spots, and of course, advocacy. The Policy Watchdog tracks dozens of pieces of legislation each session, and empowers community members to get involved in the legislative process.

In late 2015, the HPFC began the process of re-organizing as a non-profit advocacy organization in order to better support the changing landscape of Hawai‘i’s food system. We currently partner with other community organizations to bring the conversation about food to a broad audience. Like a seed, we have changed shape and continue to grow as an organization. We are working hard to develop the Hawai‘i Food Policy Council into a trusted advocacy partner and a reliable source of information on food and agriculture issues in Hawai‘i.